Three Things That Great Guitar Teachers Do Not Do


When you take guitar lessons with a great teacher, you become better faster, have more fun and reach your musical goals. This makes playing guitar a blast, and gives you the most value for your time and money. However, when you take lessons with a poor/mediocre teacher, you rarely get any of these things and often end up frustrated. This makes it important to be able to tell the different types of teachers apart. To help you choose the best teacher for you, here are 3 things that great guitar teachers do NOT do:


Teaching students using the exact same strategy every time

A great guitar teacher does not simply teach every student in the same way. This is because every student has different goals they want to achieve, different unique needs/skills and learning styles. Teaching everyone in a cookie-cutter manner is very ineffective and is often very boring for the student.


When you take guitar lessons, make sure your teacher evaluates your specific goals and skills as a player. A great teacher will then determine a custom strategy to help you reach your musical goals as fast as possible. Experts agree, this is the best way to get results for guitar students:


Tom Hess, music career mentor and guitar teacher says: “Any effective guitar teacher must treat his students as individuals with specific needs and goals. This is the basis for getting great results for them. Anyone who teaches their students with a generic one-size-fits-all approach is doing them a big disservice, and is unlikely to help them become better players.”



Teaching students to practice everything in isolation

Learning guitar skills in isolation can be helpful when first learning a technique. However, a great guitar teacher does not stop there. He understands that mastering guitar means learning how to apply many different skills together. This is very important for ensuring that you don’t have imbalances in your playing. For example, if you only learn how to play scales in isolation but never learn how to actually use them to make music, you will not be able to play solos or improvise in a satisfactory manner. Practicing integration with these skills eliminates this imbalance and helps you become a better overall musician.


A great guitar teacher also understands that learning how to integrate many skills together helps you become a better guitarist faster. Look for this in particular when taking lessons.


Overwhelming students with excessive learning materials

It’s common for new guitar teachers to feel the need to give students new materials to learn every time they meet for lessons. This is done out of fear that the student won’t feel like they are learning enough and will leave. In reality, the teacher is just overwhelming them with too much new material, and THIS is what actually causes them to leave.


A great guitar teacher focuses on getting their students to apply the things the learn using the skills they’ve already mastered in different situations. For example, a great teacher will not simply teach their students new scale patterns every week. They will make sure that their students understand how to use those scales together with different skills, how to practice them with alternate/more challenging approaches and a variety of other things. This is how the student learns to truly master the skills and concepts they know.


Apply what you’ve learned in this article and use it to find a great guitar teacher so you can become a better guitarist fast!